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Music Instruction 

All Ages & All Styles

 "Chuck Biel is THE person to see for guitar instruction - ANY musical instruction. I speak from experience as one of his former students, as a former colleague and long-time friend. His knowledge and expertise are second to none. You will not be disappointed."

Mark Femia -

Head of Music at Leman International School.

Chengdu - China

Traditional Instruction

 and More!

Since 1977, Chuck Biel has helped thousands of individuals learn to play an instrument for sheer fun and enjoyment and has trained musicians to work as sidemen in the worlds best bands and with world class artists including , Ray Charles, David Bowie, David Byrne (Talking Heads), Etta James, Olivia Newton-John, Bryan White,  Missing Persons,  Eric Church, and many more. One of Chuck's students was nominated for a Grammy and performed with David Byrne on a recent world tour.

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Beginners Guitar



Classical Guitar

Drums & Percussion

Orchestral Instruments


Song Writing

Computer assisted music production.

Ableton & Traktor Training

Former and current students say:

Taking electric guitar lessons from Chuck Biel in the mid-1980s was a seminal, life-shaping experience for me. He helped me understand why the (mostly rock and blues) music that enthralled me "worked," and his emphasis on learning the fundamentals (scales, theory, reading music ... and practice, practice, practice) rather than "placing fingers" to copy Zeppelin songs gave me invaluable foundation from which I'm still building. He is fun and playful while imparting knowledge, sharing his youthful experiences, and providing constructive criticism and tough-love motivation when necessary. Thirty-some years later, I still have much to learn, but it's largely because of Chuck's inspiration and knowledge that I still find time to, well, pick and grin!  


Shannon Wells

Chuck's dedication to teaching guitar (and many other instruments) is a rare gift. Chuck understands the needs of each of his students and creates a customized approach to maximize their potential. Chuck has unique style of teaching that makes you looking forward to the lessons.

Larry Hudson former C.F.O. C.A.M.C.

"If you want some expert help in music, this guy I highly recommend! I am taking guitar lessons now, after 50+ years of doing it all "my way."


Mike Harmon

Chuck Biel is the most knowledgeable and talented instructors around. Mr. Biel is very proficient in many instruments and musical styles. He makes learning fun as he educates. Mr. Biel is the professor if you want to expand your knowledge of theory. He has always been my go to for anything musical. From the beginner to the professional, there isn't anyone Mr. Biel can't help. I have been going to Mr. Biel since I was 7 years old. He guided my from a wide eyed beginner to eventually living my dream playing on stage with some of the top names in the business. That would have never been possible without Mr. Biel's guidance. Mr. Biel prefers to be called Chuck, however he will always be Mr. Biel or simply....Guru. You will not go wrong if you follow Mr. Biel's guidance. - 

Craig Dickenson Nashville Session Musician

Former students and the Artists with whom they work:
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